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Allow me to introduce myself!

First of all, thank you for visiting my website. That means you have heard of me from someone or somewhere. I will introduce myself so you have an idea of who I am when you make your appointment.

My name is Ginny, as you more than likely already know. I am a certified acupuncturist. I live in my little oasis in Skiatook on 10 acres. If you have been to my office, you have most likely been walked to the door by my greeting staff; my 3 dogs. Gus, Ruby, and Jade all enjoying showing you the way to the door. Okay, they really just don't want you to stop petting them.

I often get asked how I decided to become an acupuncturist and if I enjoy it. Luckily these two questions can be told together, so I guess I can share that story here for you now. I had been a massage therapist for a few years. I began to realize very quickly that my body, specifically my hands and feet, were not going to be able to withstand a long career. I would hurt at the end of the day even though I did all the things to take care of myself. Once this thought became a realization, I began looking for alternative careers that weren't too far off massage therapy. I was luck enough to find an acupuncture school near by that was accepting applications. I got all my ducks in a row and applied. I soon then had an interview and soon after, was officially accepted. Fast forward through school and graduation. I completed the program in 2015. Fast forward to 2018 (I am skipping details so I don't bore you with the lengthiness of this story). and I go get a second opinion for a rash I had that wouldn't go away. This nurse practitioner (who is fabulous by the way) solved a year long mystery, by just listening. Yes!! She listened, asked me questions and listened more. She diagnosed me with lupus!! AH HA! that explains my hands and feet!

Slightly off topic but not really. I say all that to tell you, I strive to be a listening ear, a safe and soft place to talk, and someone to cry to when needed. I strive for customer service and to simply, just listen! That is all I needed someone to do for me, just listen to my issues and put the pieces together for me, because quite frankly, I was too exhausted to do it myself. A lot of times, we can talk ourselves through a lot, if we just have someone to guide us. When I work with women with infertility, it becomes emotional. My clients will tell you, I will be the first to listen and the first to bring you down to reality. I will be the tough, but yet gentle reminder that everything is going to be ok.

So that is how I got into acupuncture and why I enjoy it. I met so many wonderful people. I love to see the transformation of stress and pain when arriving, to happy and bright when leaving.

More about me, I have an amazing family and friends. I always say it takes a village at all life stages and for that I am grateful for. I have a pretty big village. Besides the 3 dogs, I also have a cat who loves belly rubs (she roll over if you even think about walking towards her), and 2 parrotlets. You can say, our animals are the entertainment at this circus. When I am not working, I am either at the lake, in the woods hunting, or bird watching (just kidding, I do that while I am working too). I hope this makes you feel like you know me more now and maybe feel like friends when I see you at your appointment.

I cant wait to meet you if I haven't yet and I appreciate the continued support and cheering as I make my dreams come true!

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