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What to expect with acupuncture

Depending on what we are treating, I have a general rule of thumb. For women's health I will suggest once a week for four weeks. This gives your body a good chance to heal between cycles. The goal is to notice chance with your menstrual cycle; whether that's to get pregnant or relieve PMS symptoms. After week four, we review and discuss future treatment options. For anything other than women's women health, I will suggest scheduling three treatments. Many times I get asked "why three?". I have a few answers for this: 1. most likely the issue we are focusing on didn't happen over night, therefore won't have an over night fix. 2. once your main objective is fixed, you usually notice other issues the treatment is helping.

During the treatment, I have heard many different explainations of how/what people feel. Once I get a few needles in, your body starts the natural healing process which means you're going into parasympathetic mode. You WILL relaxed!!!! I have even had several fall asleep and snore. Some have explained "creepy crawlies" in extremities, specifically the legs. You may feel heavy, also known as relaxed. Some have even felt heat or itchiness. All these descriptions are okay. You are not going to crazy. Trust the process and enjoy the time away from the world.

After the treatment. My favorite!! Acupuncture can low blood pressure which can make you feel dizzy when you sit up. You will be ready for a nap. I always say take a nap if you can. Your body needs to be in parasympathetic to heal, so if you can go home and take a nap, DO IT!!! Your body obviously needs it. Once you get up, off the table, you will feel like you're floating on a cloud, yet refreshed. It is LITERALLY the best feeling! Don't forget to drink water! Our body's need water to heal too! Most of us don't drink nearly enough!! Drink your water!!

The days following your treatment; you will more than likely sleep better, have more energy, and notice changes in your main objective. If we are working on your menstrual cycle, I go into what to expect personally. More sleep, less stress and anxiety are usually noticed by everyone, no matter the treatment. You may even notice changes not mentioned too. Your experience is not limited to what is mentioned.

I can wait to hear what your experience is. My favorites are the ones that are hesitant at the first appointment and then are running into the second. Dont be scared, make your appointment!!

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